Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s)

SEVEN ATM locations are available throughout Ralls & Marion Counties:

New London:Lobby-and-ATM_003

  • Main Bank
  • Abel’s Shell Station


  • Center Branch


  • B&B One Stop


  • Abel’s Shell Station/Broadway
  • Hannibal Branch at 390 N. Veterans Road

Credit and Debit Card Services

MasterCard® credit cards are available through RCSBank with no annual fee!

ShazamChek debit cards can be used at ATM’s to withdraw cash or at any point of sale that accepts MasterCard® debit. Apply for yours today and begin enjoying the convenience of ShazamChek!

Falcon is a debit card monitoring system to protect you from fraudulent activity. If a suspicious transaction is attempted (i.e. out of the country or location not normally used) the bank will be alerted and your card may be temporarily blocked. Shazam will attempt to contact you to verify the transaction via your cell phone. Be sure to contact the bank before you travel far away and make sure the bank has your current cell phone number. To contact Shazam directly concerning traveling with your debit card, call 1-866-508-2693. 

Mastercard® Gift Cards are available for amounts from $10.00 – $1,000.00. See a New Accounts Representative at any branch. The fee is $5.00 per card.

Internet Banking is available for personal and business accounts. Enroll through this website or visit any branch location.

Bill Pay is a payment system where you input the bills you wish to pay and the system deducts the amount from your account on the date you choose. The fee is $4.00/month for 15 transactions & $0.39 for additional transactions. (Bill Pay is free for e-Global customers!)

Pop Money is a personal payment service that allows you to send and receive money to/from other people in your social network. All you need is the recipient’s e-mail address or mobile phone number to send someone a payment. Pop money can be accessed through RCSBank internet banking bill pay site by clicking the Pop Money tab. The cost per transaction is $0.50.

Shazam Bolt$ is a free mobile app that allows customers to check their account balance, block and unblock their own debit card, and set-up 24/7 email alerts for purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds, card-not-present transactions (phone, internet or mail) and suspicious or high-risk transactions. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play  and is also available online at (https://bolts.shazam.net).

ID TheftSmart is an identity restoration and/or credit monitoring product that can detect and help restore your personal identity. Two levels of security are available at $3.00 or $5.00 per month. Protect yourself…say “yes” to credit monitoring with ID Theftsmart today!

RCSBank Credit Card Application

Gift Card Services 

  • Need to check your gift card balance? Click Here