In 1944, a group of stouthearted men from New London, Missouri, put the grim experience of the Great Depression behind them and took a bold step into a brighter future. Every bank in town had closed its doors, yet with vision, determination and $25,000.00, they created Ralls County State Bank…and they succeeded.

Ray R. Behrens and his son, Ed, bought the bank in 1958 with Ray serving as president until his untimely death in 1963. Ed followed his father serving both the bank and perhaps the largest civil engineering project in Northeast Missouri – Clarence Cannon Dam and Mark Twain Lake. Ray and Ed served on the association created to ensure funding for the Cannon Dam. Today, the 18,000+ acre lake offers much needed hydro-electric power, recreational opportunities and natural resource support to Missouri and surrounding states.

In 1972, Ed Behrens purchased the Center State Bank and later merged the two into one bank. Following the merger, Ed’s son, James R. (Jim) joined the bank and became president in 1986. The 3rd location opened its doors in Hannibal in 2005 while prompting a name change to RCSBank. Ed continued to actively serve as Chairman of the Board until his death in 2013.

For over 70 years, RCSBank has truly been a community bank with local ownership and a commitment to the success of its customers and the communities in which they live. The staff and family members guided by the strong hands of Ray and Ed will always believe that “we are in the business of helping people!”